Menata kembali


2015, sudah lewat tanpa sebuah ceritapun tertulis di sini. Salahkan saya, karena sepertinya saya tak ingin berbagi cerita denganmu. Walau sebenarnya ada banyak cerita yang seharusnya kubagikan denganmu, entah mengapa tak ada niat untuk menuliskan cerita untukmu. Hasilnya? ya, tak ada satu pun cerita di tahun 2015 ini untukmu.

Let me give you a quick update.
1. I graduated and now responsible to the PhD title. Yeah, after 6 years grumbling about it, finally 12th December 2014 I passed the thesis defense, 22nd Feb 2015, my name was called in the commemoration ceremony as a PhD.



2. After 6 months looking for job, I was accepted in a small company in Anyang, still in Korea, but like the suburban of Seoul. Not too bad I guess. Just have to ‘eat my heart’ every time have an argument with my Boss. haha.

Yeah, that what’s new about me now. Almost 6 months working in the company, the urge to go back to Indonesia is getting bigger. It looks like I am forgetting my dreams to wander somewhere before going back to Indonesia. So I’m trying to get it back together recently, to see where will I end up next. Menata ulang lah, mimpi-mimpi, harapan, hati, cinta, all of them. 🙂

Anyway, good to see you again.
Hope, I will give you more update about me in the future.

So see ya..

It’s me


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4 thoughts on “Menata kembali

  1. Udaah sini pulang aja sini, bangun Indonesia! 😀

  2. Indra

    Haha, siap!!

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