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Hi there,

I’m here again.
Since I have nothing to do right now, despite many things stuck on my table in front of me, I would like to bring to you something different from all the stories had been told here. Something that I usually do when some words inside my head appeared and want to be written in paper or typed on the computer.

I like poetry. I do. In poetry, sometimes nothing is close up or nothing is clearly open to the reader. I said this because for certain poet you can only read and you know the story or the purpose of the poet to be written. But for general, to understand poet, you must have some ‘tools’ to explore it. Mainly because all the poets hid the meaning or the purpose of their poet behind their words and sentences.
The beauty of the poem is you can enjoy poets just by reading it, listening to the person who is reading it. Although you don’t know the meaning but sometimes you can feel it.

The tools I mentioned before could be the background of the writer or the year or the story that happened during the poet been made. We will more understand the poet by explore it word by word and find the meaning of each word and then link it to the other tools that we have. If you are in Literature field you will have more tools to learn how to understand a poetry or a poem.
Because we live in a ‘technological world’, we can find any information we like regarding our interest. If you are interested in poem or poetry you can find it easy through internet.

As I like poetry then I write a poem. As I like poem then I read the poetry. Hope that I will be the poet and I will be a poet. 🙂
Here is my poem today. (You can see my other poems in here)

Kau yang jadi cerita

Kau kupandang jauh di sana
Di balik awan di seberang lautan

Kau kumau dekat di sini
Di sampingku dekat denganku

Kau kurindu segenap hatiku
Di dalam angan di peluk buaian

Kau kumau dalam dekapku
Di dadaku erat peluk hangatmu

Kau yang jauh
Kau yang dirindu
Kau yang dekat
Kau yang dicinta

Kau jadi cerita cinta selalu
Bagi pujangga penyair cinta

Roughly can be translated:

You that have been the story

You, the one that I see from a far
Behind the sky across the wide sea

You, the one that I want to be near
Beside me, close to me

You, the one that I miss with all my heart
Within my fantasy inside my mind

You, the one that I want to hold tight
In my chest with your warm heart

You, who have been far away
You, who have been missed
You, who have been closed to
You, who have been loved

You, the one that have been the story of love
For a poet to create their love

It’s me

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