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Live Long and Prosper!

Hola my friend!
How’s there? Anything exciting on this last day of 2012? Hope you have something exciting to do.
As for me, I have nothing in particular that really exciting, apart from morning meeting with Prof, I have done nothing to this hour. LOL
So, I write this short line to you, to say have a good day on this last day of 2012, and have an exciting year in 2013!

Live long and prosper!

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Forgiving others, surely is one of the most difficult things in this world. We as a human tend to angry with the things that is not along with our understanding. Moreover, because of that, we tend to hate people because doing what is wrong in our eyes. Especially when things wrong and it is related to us. Not to mention we are keeping our hearts for remembering the bad things that others did in the past.

I have experienced this kind of situation recently, or probably not recently, perhaps it happened for long time already. In so many situations, I have tried to keep telling myself that I had forgive others for what they have done wrong to me in the past. In some cases, it’s easy to get rid of those hatred but sometimes, there are some hatred that even you keep telling yourself that you had forgive them, but it appeared sometimes in certain situation towards person who did wrong to you.

For now, I realized there are several people that I’m not fully forgive even though I had been telling myself to forgive and I thought that I had forgave them. Yes, that’s the situation that I am facing now.

I have wanted to tell personally towards people I still have grudge but usually it’s just ends there. Not just once perhaps so many times. I just wanted to tell them that what they had done to me sometimes has brought me to the things that I don’t want even until now. And sometimes I want to blame them for that. But for this thing I realized, I am not the one to blame people and I am not the one to make people guilty for what the wrong thing they had done to me.

I don’t know and I can’t really tell what I should do for these. Seeing what had happened and experiencing all of these not makes my life feel happy and peace. Peace and happiness are seemed far away from me since this forgiving others thing pop up inside of me.

Yes, it’s one thing about forgiving others. But the most difficult thing for me now is forgiving myself. Reconcile with oneself surely is one the most difficult things to face. Since I had done all of things that I had mentioned above, I do find it difficult to forgive myself.

“ But my happiness was poisoned by my doubts. Lord, have mercy on me! Lord, have mercy on me! Lord, have mercy on me! “

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Mysterious at its fullest

We talk about life then we talk about its mysteriousness.
Maybe sometimes we think we can understand it but mostly we don’t. Perhaps we know nothing about it, that’s why we always try to find something different everyday. Looking for happiness or pursuing happiness as many people say. In fact, life is so mysterious, it always unpredictable in so many ways. You may assume that if you do this you may understand life, if you believe in something you may understand life. But in fact, again, we know nothing about.

Sometimes, we only live our life as everybody does, as everybody wants to be awesome in every way. We may get it somehow, but let’s see the fact again. Perhaps, we know nothing about it. We don’t know what kind of obstacle we will face in the next minute or what kind of accident perhaps that may happen in our way back home or go to work or somewhere else. We do no know. Again, we know nothing about it.

Life as it is mysterious as always, it comes at it fullest if we don’t prepare to face it.
But life will not be exciting as it always, if we know what life would bring us to.

Let’s face the mysterious way of life and take a little adventure while we are still able to face it.

Ah, btw, I forget to say hola to you my friend, give it always to you in every way I can.
Don’t really trust this post because I’m also as mysterious as life, sometimes I don’t know what I had write.

As always,

It’s me

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Things are just getting serious

Hola my friend.

Are u there? Y U no answer? 😦


Recently, things are just getting serious. I kind a losing my appetite, my mouth tastes bad, bitter, don’t know why but it happens. Though, I still eat and not pass the meal, but still I feel like my mouth want to taste something and I don’t really know what it is. Besides, I have no money for the food I want and it’s not here in Korea either.
To make it more serious, I now can’t sleep at night until 5am or 6 am. I have tried so hard to sleep by turn of all things, a computer, TV, and lamp, but still couldn’t sleep. So, last Sunday was the climax I think, I went to the church without sleep the night before. Amazingly, I didn’t feel sleepy while service. Probably, the coffee thing did its job. 🙂

Either I become better or worst, I want to make it happens and start it this month.
There are things I can handle and there are things I can’t. Probably most of them can not.

Hmm.. just to make it short. I just want to proof something to myself and I really want it so here I am to say “good luck” for me 😀

It’s me

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No title

Hola My Friend.

I feel so bored today. Have no desire to do anything.
Though I have many things to tell, but hardly can tell you. Different from all other story, I want to write it later just to satisfy your curiosity.

너무 심심해서 김태희닷컴을 계속 계속 봐요. Click here

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PhD Candidate?

Hello friend,

I am here again, as usual as before coming late at the end of the month. Actually, I was planning to tell you my story last Saturday on 28th of April as my 28th years started. But unfortunately, I had no time to sit and to write my story. So, here it comes. Hope you again, enjoy the story. 🙂

First thing that I want to share is I am a PhD candidate officially. Why? I had passed the qualification exams as I almost finish my courses and chose 4 courses as subjects for the qualification exam. Plus, as a student in Korea, I have to take an English exam as a prequisite for graduation. So I took both exams and passed it. So then, officially I am a PhD candidate now. In the way of reaching a half way to the top, I should have been really enjoying my achievement. I do glad that I passed it and glad that I am a PhD candidate, however since I just switched my research topic and done ‘nothing’ – paper and etc -, I feel ashamed to hold the title. Actually, some times I feel like I can do this, but on the other hand like there is a voice that keep telling I can’t do it. Refer to the things have passed, it’s inevitable for me to feel down. But here I am, I am what I am right now. And I should thank God for everything.

Qualification exam announcement

English exam

The second thing that I want to tell you is that I started my 28th years in this world. It’s a good number because it’s same as the day I was born. I planned to make many things different in that day but apparently I didn’t. One thing that done is shaved my mustache and beard. Other thing still in halt and wait to be done. Perhaps I have more time to write down in another day.

Up to here, that’s the things I can share. See you next time.

It’s me.

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Hi there,

I’m here again.
Since I have nothing to do right now, despite many things stuck on my table in front of me, I would like to bring to you something different from all the stories had been told here. Something that I usually do when some words inside my head appeared and want to be written in paper or typed on the computer.

I like poetry. I do. In poetry, sometimes nothing is close up or nothing is clearly open to the reader. I said this because for certain poet you can only read and you know the story or the purpose of the poet to be written. But for general, to understand poet, you must have some ‘tools’ to explore it. Mainly because all the poets hid the meaning or the purpose of their poet behind their words and sentences.
The beauty of the poem is you can enjoy poets just by reading it, listening to the person who is reading it. Although you don’t know the meaning but sometimes you can feel it.

The tools I mentioned before could be the background of the writer or the year or the story that happened during the poet been made. We will more understand the poet by explore it word by word and find the meaning of each word and then link it to the other tools that we have. If you are in Literature field you will have more tools to learn how to understand a poetry or a poem.
Because we live in a ‘technological world’, we can find any information we like regarding our interest. If you are interested in poem or poetry you can find it easy through internet.

As I like poetry then I write a poem. As I like poem then I read the poetry. Hope that I will be the poet and I will be a poet. 🙂
Here is my poem today. (You can see my other poems in here)

Kau yang jadi cerita

Kau kupandang jauh di sana
Di balik awan di seberang lautan

Kau kumau dekat di sini
Di sampingku dekat denganku

Kau kurindu segenap hatiku
Di dalam angan di peluk buaian

Kau kumau dalam dekapku
Di dadaku erat peluk hangatmu

Kau yang jauh
Kau yang dirindu
Kau yang dekat
Kau yang dicinta

Kau jadi cerita cinta selalu
Bagi pujangga penyair cinta

Roughly can be translated:

You that have been the story

You, the one that I see from a far
Behind the sky across the wide sea

You, the one that I want to be near
Beside me, close to me

You, the one that I miss with all my heart
Within my fantasy inside my mind

You, the one that I want to hold tight
In my chest with your warm heart

You, who have been far away
You, who have been missed
You, who have been closed to
You, who have been loved

You, the one that have been the story of love
For a poet to create their love

It’s me

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3 years

Yes, 3 years already.
I am still here, different atmosphere, new lab, new research topic, new Professor, new room, etc.
For short, everything has change from the very first time.

Now, here I am. Don’t know still where the future will bring me to.
Sometimes hopeless, discourage, and feel empty. But anyway, I’m still here and I’m still alive.

It’s me.

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Making amends to you

Hola friends,

I beg your pardon for all of the promises I’ve said to you but none of it has been fulfilled. This post might not be the post you are waiting for, but I will post this one as one of the amends of my promises. I know I promised to tell the story about my experience with the kids in soccer camp this year as I had experience 2 years ago.

Here I will only post the pictures I have, taken by a very good photographer. Hopefully you can see the joy and happiness of togetherness, love, passion, and sharing with others. Like people say: “picture tells a thousands story”

Practice time

Happiness in togetherness

"Trust Fall Game" They are trustworthy

Play, compete, and celebrate

Click on the figure if you want to see real size image.
One of my friend also made the video about this camp. You can see it on the video below.

All credits to Tanya and John Choi for the pictures and video.

Again, I don’t know whether this is enough as my amend to you my friends. See you again.

God bless you always.

It’s me

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Asking forgiveness

Hello friends,

Pardon me for being so absent from this story of mine lately. Seems I have to arrange all the things that pop up in my mind randomly. I have a lot of story but I have only few words. Besides, it fells to unpack my story becomes somehow difficult recently. Probably I have to readjust my heart and mine, so that I can unpack the story I have. I don’t know how.
I’ll try as soon as possible to write again and please be patient to me. okay.
Wait for my story in Soccer Camp 2011 like I had 2 years ago.

It’s me.

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