Lab Meeting Day

Hola my friend,

Just like the other day of lab meeting day, one day before, I usually stay late just to prepare what to present the day after. So here I am, right now, writing this post and leaving my presentation slide for tomorrow. Lab meeting day is a meeting where all of the students of our lab have to present something in front of Prof and others students what he/she has done in a whole week. For your information, I have done nothing this week. Especially related to the paper I want to submit to the journal. I’ve done nothing!!! I should have done with the data analysis, or at least done with the abstract and introduction for the paper. However, nothing is done!!! what a lazy PhD candidate I am.

Seriously, I don’t know the purpose of this post, maybe I just want to write something but nothing is correct now in this head. So if you find this post unstructured, yeah you got it. Deal with it. hahaha…

Okay, let’s back to the beginning. Where was I? ah still in Lab meeting problem. Okay. This week my plan was to finish ordering motor driver for experiment, visa application for conference, and extend my alien card. I only finish one, the third one will be done tomorrow, and the first one just not getting it right. You know, sometimes you feel the frustration of being a foreigner in the lab, when you want to buy something for your reset and you have to rely on your Korean friend to do it. It’s just okay if your lab mates are not busy, but if they do? You just waste your time on doing it. But my problem actually because of the company that we want to buy their product always delay the information reply, so we have to wait and ask again through phone. Such a wasting time this week. Finally today, we received the information of the product and will order it tomorrow.

So, back to lab meeting. I don’t have anything to report tomorrow. Maybe I will just runaway tomorrow with the visa and alien card extension. hahaha..

Deal with it!!! *ntah apa-apa*

See you my friend.


It’s me

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