A post when I should have been busy

I know I have to do my programming study, but let me post this blog of mine in The KOPITES blog.
Yes, I am a fan of this big club, please accept me as I am. *lebay*

As people had put their opinion on starting line up, I would like to do the same with some comments to make it more realistic. Hope you enjoy.

This is how I put our starting line up.


Johnson      Agger      Skrtel       Enrique

Allen                   Lucas


Coutinho              Suarez



Recently, actually I don’t like Reina, but we don’t have any option since Jones doesn’t any better and Gulacsi still in progress. So, he is our only option, hopefully he can get his performance soon.

Johnson, Agger, Sktel, and Enrique, can think any better formation than this. Though Skrtel is still doing his fool defending sometimes, but he can do better if needed. Hopefully, Enrique will always available, since we don’t have much option for left back, he is the only one capable for that, Robinson should learn much more from him. Johnson and Agger are doing great up to now. If nothing happenned, they will always on the line up. Carragher is still great, but considering his age, we know what he got. Coates still has to learn so much from Agger and I think he must strengthen his body, because he is not though enough. Last match with Oldham shows it all. Kelly will always behind Johnson if he is fit enough, Wisdom as well. I bet Wisdom will be our best in 2 years or so.

For midfielder, I still prefer Allen than Henderson, because of his passing skill, agility, and control skill. I realize that he is not in his form recently, but regarding to what he could do, I bet he is working on it everyday. So how about Henderson? For some reason, I prefer him as a Attacking Midfielder, of course if Gerrard is not available. Seeing what he could do in the last match against Arsenal, he is better that way. And Lucas was one of the best we have last year, but due to his injury had made him slowing down recently, he is not as though as he was. He must back to his form so we can trust him all midfield area. With two of them are pushing the ball forward, I put Gerrard as connector between midfield and forwards. We know how much he can do on the pitch. Accurate passing, long and short, super ability to read the game, long strike, and good defense if needed. A perfect player in midfield.

We can let Henderson and Shelvey take his job but they need to learn more from him. Besides, they are still young and has time to improve themselves.

For forward, I want to make it a little bit up for Sturridge because I could see that he is kind a goal ‘getter’ in front of the goal. As we have seen with his two first match. However, he needs to be concern about finishing chances, because hat’s what we need.
We have seen he worked with Suarez, and they are a good pair in front. We are lucky to have Suarez in front or a bit wing move right or left. With the new comer Coutinho, I think we can have a good dance in front ‘south american’ style. Both with good dribble and pace are what we need in front to seize the goal.
We can let Sterling and Downing as a back up player for three of them, and do what they can do. Not to tell that Sterling has a big impact but his lack of determination and passing sometimes make him not filling the hole. As well as for Downing, he had much improved since last year. On top form he will be on the line to fill Coutinho, but if not, I will always put Coutinho.

I know we are put a big hope for the new comer Coutinho as well as I. But, let’s give him time to adapt, I bet he will be a star with his number 10. Let’s forget for a moment our number 9. Or perhaps our number 9 has long gone.

It’s my piece of Rupiah! 😉


It’s me!

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2 thoughts on “A post when I should have been busy

  1. I think I start to fall in love with Sturridge. See, I didn’t even have any expectancy of him when Anfield signed him on. Yet, he shows he is one hell of a player.

    • Indra

      Actually, he is one of the best as forward in England squad. But lack experiences on the field make him stay in the dark. Let’s hope he will shine for long time. 🙂

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