Buck up!

Hola my friend. Happy New Year 2013!
A late greetings for you in this new year! (^__^)
Hope you have a pleasant new year and a bright start. Wish you a very good year ahead and a complete life in love.

As for me, I started this year with nothing special, same as last year, I’ve been avoided to make some lists or resolutions of things that I would like to have and to do.
As from experiences I failed and I am afraid do the same mistakes again. People were exciting to start their resolutions, yet I found myself empty.
Now, 2 weeks has passed. At one point I realized, time flies so fast and I need to buck up myself.

On the first day of new year, as I say greetings to my family, first question that came up is “Will it be this year?” I said “No, perhaps it’s next year”.
For some reasons I want to believe that I will do good this year, do different things from the past, and get something accomplished.
But the fact I’ve been avoided to make any resolutions would have made it unreachable.

I’ve been thinking lately about the state where I am now. It seems I have no big dream anymore. I have lost path on my way to the future where I was dreamed. Not to mention, my heart has lost its owner perhaps. As I live my life up to now, trying to analyze it part by part, little by little I understand things.
It once said “There are things in life that will not change though you are there to make change”. It’s not saying that you do bad or good but life is a mystery to all kind.

Lately, my thought has been consumed by this world and its happiness. My hands wanted to grab what I supposed to get but I could not.
My heart has rotten its pureness and is losing its light.
What else could be worse? Years you’ve seen it, but you could do nothing to fix it or you have nothing to say unless in your thought.

Perhaps this would be the cloudiest story I had.
Stay fresh my friend, be healthy and be happy for your life!

It’s Me!

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