Mysterious at its fullest

We talk about life then we talk about its mysteriousness.
Maybe sometimes we think we can understand it but mostly we don’t. Perhaps we know nothing about it, that’s why we always try to find something different everyday. Looking for happiness or pursuing happiness as many people say. In fact, life is so mysterious, it always unpredictable in so many ways. You may assume that if you do this you may understand life, if you believe in something you may understand life. But in fact, again, we know nothing about.

Sometimes, we only live our life as everybody does, as everybody wants to be awesome in every way. We may get it somehow, but let’s see the fact again. Perhaps, we know nothing about it. We don’t know what kind of obstacle we will face in the next minute or what kind of accident perhaps that may happen in our way back home or go to work or somewhere else. We do no know. Again, we know nothing about it.

Life as it is mysterious as always, it comes at it fullest if we don’t prepare to face it.
But life will not be exciting as it always, if we know what life would bring us to.

Let’s face the mysterious way of life and take a little adventure while we are still able to face it.

Ah, btw, I forget to say hola to you my friend, give it always to you in every way I can.
Don’t really trust this post because I’m also as mysterious as life, sometimes I don’t know what I had write.

As always,

It’s me

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