PhD Candidate?

Hello friend,

I am here again, as usual as before coming late at the end of the month. Actually, I was planning to tell you my story last Saturday on 28th of April as my 28th years started. But unfortunately, I had no time to sit and to write my story. So, here it comes. Hope you again, enjoy the story. πŸ™‚

First thing that I want to share is I am a PhD candidate officially. Why? I had passed the qualification exams as I almost finish my courses and chose 4 courses as subjects for the qualification exam. Plus, as a student in Korea, I have to take an English exam as a prequisite for graduation. So I took both exams and passed it. So then, officially I am a PhD candidate now. In the way of reaching a half way to the top, I should have been really enjoying my achievement. I do glad that I passed it and glad that I am a PhD candidate, however since I just switched my research topic and done ‘nothing’ – paper and etc -, I feel ashamed to hold the title. Actually, some times I feel like I can do this, but on the other hand like there is a voice that keep telling I can’t do it. Refer to the things have passed, it’s inevitable for me to feel down. But here I am, I am what I am right now. And I should thank God for everything.

Qualification exam announcement

English exam

The second thing that I want to tell you is that I started my 28th years in this world. It’s a good number because it’s same as the day I was born. I planned to make many things different in that day but apparently I didn’t. One thing that done is shaved my mustache and beard. Other thing still in halt and wait to be done. Perhaps I have more time to write down in another day.

Up to here, that’s the things I can share. See you next time.

It’s me.

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