Making amends to you

Hola friends,

I beg your pardon for all of the promises I’ve said to you but none of it has been fulfilled. This post might not be the post you are waiting for, but I will post this one as one of the amends of my promises. I know I promised to tell the story about my experience with the kids in soccer camp this year as I had experience 2 years ago.

Here I will only post the pictures I have, taken by a very good photographer. Hopefully you can see the joy and happiness of togetherness, love, passion, and sharing with others. Like people say: “picture tells a thousands story”

Practice time

Happiness in togetherness

"Trust Fall Game" They are trustworthy

Play, compete, and celebrate

Click on the figure if you want to see real size image.
One of my friend also made the video about this camp. You can see it on the video below.

All credits to Tanya and John Choi for the pictures and video.

Again, I don’t know whether this is enough as my amend to you my friends. See you again.

God bless you always.

It’s me

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