Wishes in New Year

Hola.. hola..
It’s me again. Come to you my friends to post another story of me. I bet you all really eager to wait the new post,aren’t you? hahahahaha.. When narcissism come on the spot. 😉

As I have promised to you in my last post, I will write here something I want to have or I want to do in this year. So this is it. I really hope All of this wishes will come true in the end. But If not, at least I have to do my best. To copy what Monkey D. Luffy said in one of One Piece series: “If I die when pursuing it, so be it. If you risk your life maybe you can create the future”.

I know, these resolution or wishes seem to be difficult especially in my first wish. Moreover I’ve been struggling lately to win but still I failed and fell. I think I’ve chose not to obey and it’s more even difficult for me. You know, become a disciple in Christ is always difficult but that makes it worth and in the end, if I can finish my race I will be very happy.
So, after several days of thinking my resolution this year and what wishes I have, I write down here for you my friends. I hope you will remind me of everything I’d wrote here if you can help me.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

My wishes and the things I want in 2011
1. Be a good disciple and good student
Being a good disciple was my desire and I think I have to pop it up again. Being a Christian who has been received Jesus Christ as my Savior; I must train myself to be a good disciple. On behalf of that, few years ago I was trying so much to be like that, but recently my life has been far away from that. I’ve abandoned the things what matters to be a good disciple. Pray, read the bible, meditation and silent time, and Bible Study are almost gone from my daily life. So I can say that I have been strayed from my Shepherd but now I am eagerly want to back again to the flock. Therefore this year, I wish I can renew my spirit and an enthusiasm in these things. Though I know that would be so difficult, I have to try and try again till I am improved and become a good fighter.
Being a good student actually should be the matter of case since I am a student. I’ve been passed 2 years of my study hear as integrated student in PhD program, however what I’ve got still not satisfied me so also my Professor. Not even reach the point of satisfaction but maybe I, myself, am not doing it well and have wasted so many times to procrastinate. This year I want to start to be a good student and use my time carefully and meaningful.
These wishes will be fully affect all the things that come to me in this year. I believe it so.
2. Published 2 papers about the research
I think this wish is a matter of the result of my perseverance and tenacity of doing my research and study. So if I can do my 1st wish, I will achieve it in a good time of God. Therefore, I will do my best and start to obey every schedule I have decided to do and pursuing every part that I don’t know yet in my field. Reading, reading, reading, do, do, and do.
3. A Girlfriend
I know this wish is too suspicious, but blame me; I am still a man and 27 years old this April. LOL. I want to have a good life in the future; it means I need a girl to accompany me. I need a girl who sits close to me and I also sit close to her. Therefore, as a two person become one flesh in the Lord we can fulfill the vision which God has for us. I’ve been thinking, this wish could be the hard one. Since I am here, stay in Korea. Find a girl who has the vision that can help each other will be difficult, but I think I will put this wish here so I can pray more.
4. Guitar
Music is the thing that has helps me cheer up my happiness and support my mellow side up to now. Why I want a guitar? I have two main reasons for this. Firstly, I want to improve my skill. I’ve playing guitar since junior high school and I’ve wrote some songs however my skill still on the low level. At least my thrum melody skill should be improved this year. Secondly reason maybe a ‘lame’ reason but this reason could go along the first reason. Sometimes I can feel like there is a melody in my heart and words in my mind so that I can write a poem that can be a song. In that case I need guitar to follow the lyrics and the melody. I wish I can have guitar soon, probably in February. Amen
5. Conference in Europe
This wish actually will be hard to accomplish since my professor is America minded and rarely think to have a conference in Europe. Anyway I only just put this here in order to embrace myself for doing the best in my research. I wish and I do.

Plans are established by seeking advice; so if you wage war, obtain guidance.” Proverbs 20:18

So, let it be what will come.

Evening shall become my friend

It’s me

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2 thoughts on “Wishes in New Year

  1. Aku nunjukin foto yg ini ke temanku, trus katanya dia suka. 😀

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